Lift Me Up File

The purpose of this tool is to be reminded of good things that people have said about us.  When I’ve felt low in the past and taken a look through this file, it has helped to improve my mood. 

This tool consists of both a physical file folder and a digital folder in your email, or somewhere in your computer. 

Physical file – in a cardboard file folder, place items in which people have written good things about you.  It could be personal letters, cards, job reference letters, or notes.  Anything that someone has written on a piece of paper and given to you. 

Digital file – think of anytime in which someone has typed positive things about you.  It could be in an email, a social media post, a social media message, a blog post comment, or a variety of other means.  A suggestion with this one is to compose each of them into an email.  Email them separately to yourself and then put them in an email folder titled “Lift Me Up”.  Alternatively, you could put them into one document and keep adding to it. 

For myself personally, I’ve been utilizing this tool for three years.  On the days when I am feeling low (slightly depressed) I take a read through my Lift Me Up folders.  Doing so reminds me of the positive aspects and many skills that I have.  I used to call it my “Bad Day” file and recently changed the wording to “Lift Me Up” file.  Doing so embodies more positivity.  “Bad Day” implies that the entire day may be bad, and in my mind adds fuel to the fire by empowering a negative and weak state.  “Lift Me Up” is uplifting and energizing.  It also implies that we can lift ourselves up by what others have written about us in both the physical and digital forms.

I’d highly encourage you to brainstorm what you will put in both your physical and digital files.  Then set aside an hour and place those item(s) in each of them.  It will be well worth your time! 

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