Lori Lane Murphy

Lori Lane-Murphy is a comedic storyteller with a passion for mental health advocacy, particularly stigma reduction. Her goal in life is to show people that living with mental illness is no different than any other physical illness.

Having grown up in a house with the happiest depressed guy ever, her dad, Lori found a way to live with her own illness using humour and finding support wherever she could. She also finds talking about her illness with others is a sure-fire way to help reduce the stigma and challenge peoples’ beliefs about mental illness.

In 2016 Lori wrote and produced her own one woman show, Upside Down Dad that chronicles her experiences growing up with a father who suffered from severe depression. The show focuses on positivity through the dark times and living in the moment because you never know when the darkness is going to return.

Check out Lori’s podcast Stories Like Crazy – True Stories About Mental Illness – on SoundCloud and iTunes. Storytellers share their experiences in a conversational and informal way.

Lori has a background in training, development and instructional design. She began her career as a public speaker and facilitator and over the years has honed her skills in the corporate world. Those experiences have prepared her for turning her focus toward mental health stigma reduction by telling stories, blogging and speaking at events about her experience within the mental health system.

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