Mary Kidd

My name is Mary Kidd. I was born in Kingston, Jamaica, on May 26, 1971. I moved to Houston with my family when I was five and currently reside here. I attended New York University where I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.  After I graduated from NYU I lived in New York City for a couple years working at an advertising agency in media buying.

I have had many careers in fields ranging from advertising to Web design to mental health. I have also worked in education off and on and am currently working as a brain trainer for a company called LearningRx.

I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder Type 2 in 1999. Although the struggle has been unbearable at times, my life has stabilized in the last few years. I am currently a graduate school student at Sofia University and am studying counseling psychology. One day I would like to open a health and wellness center to provide all types of therapy to the mental health community. 

I have a blog at where I write about my day-to-day life. I also started a blog recently at My wish is that through sharing my experience, strength, and hope that others will not have to suffer from bipolar disorder the way I have.

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