Mental Health Awareness Patch At Home

Our Mental Health Awareness patch is available to all!

With over 10,000 participants from around the globe, this program educates about the brain and its influence on thoughts, feelings, and behavior which creates awareness and understanding of mental health, leading to changed perceptions about seeking help when needed.

As we all adjust to our new norm, it is necessary, now more than ever, to educate our children and families on the importance of mental health.

The earlier mental health awareness education begins, the better equipped youth are to seek help when they need it, which results in the best long-term outcomes.

Participating scouts and youth are offered a safe space in a comfortable setting to open conversations that alleviates stigma and encourages youth to recognize their own mental health struggles and ask for help when they need it.


In earning this patch, individuals will:

  1. Learn how the brain impacts mental health
  2. Explore how discrimination against those with a mental health condition makes it difficult to seek help
  3. Learn about many great achievers who experienced mental illness
  4. Research how mental health is portrayed in the media
  5. Create anti-stigma campaign activities

How To Earn The Patch

Use our activity packet provided to complete the required activities with your troop or with your family! 

Once you have completed each activity required use the form below to submit your request for patches! 

You will be notified once your form has been received and patches are on their way.

Email for any additional questions.

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