Mindy Morgan

Something I Am Proud Of:

One time I led a local community training on mental illness and I decided to integrate my own experiences with recovery into the training. It was a leap for me because my illness would be made public. The response was huge and people approached me afterward to talk about their own recovery struggles and the struggles of family or friends. Now, when I hesitate to put myself out there, I think to myself that if there is one person who could benefit from my experiences, it’s worth it to put it out there.

Advice For Newly Diagnosed:

Don’t go it alone and don’t give up on the first try with finding providers. My first psychiatrist and therapist were not good, so I decided that I didn’t need them and I stopped treatment. I suffered for many years as a result. Don’t be afraid to search around for the right fit. The right doctor and therapist make all the difference so you can feel like you have professionals in your corner. Also, find supportive friends and family to talk to if you can. Gravitate toward those who lift you up.

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