My Experience With Mood Swings

Do you ever feel like while you’re having a mood swing that you are trying to say something but it’s just coming out wrong? Back when I had my horrible mood swings I always felt like there was something that I was trying to say, but it wasn’t coming out correctly. 

I quickly found that yelling might have made me feel better in the moment, but it solved nothing. But, it’s not like I could just stop. It was awful. I knew that I was trying to say something important, but all I was doing was hurting myself and others-and I hurt a lot of people. But, like I said, it’s not like I could just stop. 

My wonderful husband and I sought out therapy together and we learned very quickly about my diagnosis. From there, it was a long uphill battle. I actually had to check myself into the hospital twice to adjust my medication and from there I had some intense therapy. 

I’m happy to say that it was all worth it. I learned how to talk about my feelings rather than just yell them out. I learned that if I just opened up, those that love me would listen. It might not have felt as good as letting it burst out, but over time, it got better and easier to slow down and regroup. 

I’m so thankful to God that my husband and mother both support me. Please don’t be afraid to reach out to others that love you. Even if it’s just a therapist. You deserve some sort of inner peace. 

Please keep fighting the good fight. There is always a way to find that sense of peace, even if it’s not there one hundred percent of the time. 

See you soon!

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