My Letter to You

Some of us are so far from what we imagined our lives would be like;
Some have exactly what they pictured;
Some are trying to do everything they can to escape the constant reminder that we failed to meet our childhood expectations and dreams of adulthood.
No matter where we are all human where some things are within our control and others are not.
Above all, no thing or person is ever completely as it seems.

So, I leave you with this,
Be who you are and don’t change for anyone.
If all you have done is changed for other people, it’s possible to still be yourself.
If you don’t know who you are or where to start,
Don’t be afraid to accept a helping hand & go out to find yourself.
If you are afraid, that’s okay because we will do it together.

So, together we both embark on another day.
Better yet it is a new day for both you and me.
If you want to rest, rest.
If you want to laugh hysterically, do it.
If you want to relax, make time to relax.
If you want to vent, do it and don’t worry about the rating.
If you want to be kind and gentle to yourself, do it.
If you want to cook, have at it and enjoy it.
If you want to cry, it is okay to let it out.
If you want to work out, make it an awesome one.
If you want to rock it out, do it without worrying if you have rhythm.

Always remember on this day,
You are never alone
because we are always doing it together.

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