My Recipe for Sanity

Author: Angela McCrimmon

The world as we know it has all been torn away,
The things I do to keep me well as I navigate each day,
The routine that I follow to keep me on the ground,
It’s scary as I realise that my world is upside down.

I tell myself “Don’t panic!” as anxieties run high,
Radical acceptance and no longer asking why,
Self-Isolation is the phrase I often hear,
I pick up the telephone to keep my loved ones near.

I take my medication in the morning when I wake,
Reminding me the value of the effort I must make,
My mental health could suffer if I don’t stay self-aware,
It’s vital that I always make the time for my self-care.

I’m learning every day that my routine is the key,
I need to find a purpose for the person I can be,
Exploring a new world that is flourishing online,
Repeating in my head that it’s going to be just fine.

I don’t’ need to feel lonely even though I am alone,
Video chat, facebook friends that live inside my phone,
We’re all in this together and we’re going to see it through,
Emerging even stronger if it’s the the only thing I do!

I’ll use this time to write, exercise and cook,
I’ll search inside my soul while devouring a book,
For once I will be still, not rushing here or there,
I’ll help the vulnerable and always show I care.

My life is very different but different isn’t bad,
Learning to let go of preconceptions that I had,
Holding onto sanity and working hard to find,
Peace within my soul, my body and my mind

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