My Self-Care Regimens to Stay Balanced

Author: Natalia Beiser

In the past, it was difficult to acknowledge that I needed to acknowledge self-care; in fact, when my therapist brought up that term four years ago, it was foreign to me.   I determined that some of the self- care tasks cost too much money, were too much effort, or that I did not deserve them.  Even on a limited income, I now make sure that I incorporate several important regimens in my life to remain balanced.  These tasks feed my mind and body.

I take my medication twice a day.  For many years, I felt guilty about the costs of the medicines and that I did not deserve to have those resources spent on me.  I had a helpful physician teach me that there is no price on a human life and that I was worth it.  Now I know that medication is one of the tools that have gotten me as far in life as I am.

I now get my car cleaned inside and out monthly.  Driving a clean car allows me to feel relaxed.  It is also said that cleaner belongings last longer.  Also, I make sure that my toenails are painted a pretty color, even if I am the only one that sees them.  The nail technician cuts my nails before polishing them, and having a professional do this assists me in not getting ingrown toenails.

I get a haircut once a month, which helps me feel more confident.  It also helps me get ready more efficiently each morning.  I participate in cognitive behavioral therapy every other week, which assists me in keeping my thoughts structured in a reasonable way.  After much living and learning, I am no longer intimidated by seeking physical and psychiatric help.  If my physical health is out of whack, it will display itself in my behavior.  I also get at least a thirty minute massage once a month, which helps eliminate back pain that nothing else will fix.

I keep my friends close and have strong boundaries with those that I do not want interfering in my life.  It was difficult to set up boundaries with some people, but being around people that are more harm than help is not good for one’s mental health.  I wear earrings every day.  At one time I had a job that I worked too hard at where my primary task was using the telephone.  Due to this, earrings were in the way.  Now I wear earrings to have a little extra flair and as a reminder that I have a much better life without that old job.

I need nine hours of sleep a night, and no longer apologize for it.  I never make any appointments or go to work before 10am.  Due to personal experience, I know that I do not function well before that time, and I finally quit beating myself up over it.  I keep luxury hand soaps at my sinks.  They cause me to feel that there is some luxury in my life.  I strive to eat one piece of healthy red meat a week, because I’m anemic, and also because I’m worth it!  I pray a lot and have faith that if God has brought me this far, what more can he do?

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