My Wish for You

My wish for you today and every day after is

To know your true worth

To value yourself

To treat yourself like you do others

To be kind and gentle with yourself because you know you deserve it

To feel peace from your inner pain

To know how strong you truly are

To understand unconditional love

To understand your faith

To know courage

To believe you are strong, smart, beautiful, special, and kind

To continue even when you feel you have nothing left

To not be afraid of death nor life

To know healing and peace from the chaos

To trust others and yourself

To feel comfort

To feel you are good

To not be consumed with doubt, fear, shame, and guilt

To know you are exactly where you are supposed to be in this moment


You are worthy of life and love.

My wish is that you will fight long enough to reach the day where you believe all of these things

That I know are true.

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