Nanieve Groenewald

I am 45 years old and was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 disorder when I was 12.  About 2 years ago I was also diagnosed with PSTD after my partner of years tried to murder me (almost succeeded and nearly died). I went through the court case and am rather proud of myself (blush) for having done so. I have done a little motivational speaking with regards to domestic violence and coping with bipolar.
I see a psychiatrist regularly, am on meds and also see a psychologist once a month.
I studied journalism and was the editor of two community papers for many years. I am also a dance instructor and have a dance studio.
I write and draw profusely.  I find that if I function creatively it impacts positively on my bipolar.  In fact I believe that my bipolar enhances my creativity.  The one feeds off the other in a manner of speaking.
I have an insatiable appetite for knowledge, for learning new things, meeting new people.

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