New Hobby to Consider: Coloring Books for Adults!

I know what you’re thinking, “A coloring book? Has she lost her mind?” But studies have shown that adults struggling with mental illnesses have benefitted greatly from coloring books geared for grown-ups and I’m one of them! 

I was given one for my 29th birthday in September. I can spend up to an hour carefully coloring the detailed pictures and designs. My brain basically turns to mush and I don’t think of anything else besides the task at hand. It’s freeing. 

I suffer greatly from anxiety (as do a lot of people with bipolar disorder) and coloring in a book geared toward adults is a great way for me to not only feel productive, but to give me a challenge as well. I like to do one page a night and just let myself go and have fun while doing so. 

They aren’t just popular with adults suffering from mental illnesses, though. All sorts of people have benefitted from using these because the artistic side of their brain is being put to good use. 

Be sure to find some time every day (or night) to try your hand at these. You’ll want to set some specific time aside when you know that you won’t be interrupted because these are very time consuming, but that’s a very good thing – you’ll hardly know that the time has passed!

They have all sorts of books, from pictures of desserts, fashion and others.The prices vary, but my Mom was able to find one for under $7. They can go for as high as $25, so only spend that much if you’ll know that you’ll take to it as well as I have. 

You can find these wonderful books at art supplies stores as well as sites like Amazon. I recommend a wide assortment of colored pencils, because you’ll want a variety of colors to both choose from and use. 

Just so we’re clear, I haven’t been paid or been given a free product to review. I basically got this as a thoughtful gift and have loved every second of my adult coloring book. I first saw it advertised on Facebook and I’ve wanted one ever since. I thought that it would be the right thing to do to share this wonderful hobby with the rest of you because I know that 1) people with bipolar disorder tend to be more creative and 2) people with mental illnesses need hobbies.

So, I hope that you’ll enjoy them as much as I have! 

Sarah regularly blogs for IBPF and has done some YouTube Videos for their channel. She She now writes on a regular basis for the Dallas Morning Post as well. 

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