Nic Fleming

Nicole Fleming is a qualified accountant, but is presently a stay-at-home mum to her 2-year-old daughter, Georgie, and three Burmese cats. She lives in Brisbane, Australia.

In recent years, she has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, initially as type II, but more recently type I.

Nicole is keenly interested in the human experience, not only with mental health issues, but the full spectrum life has to offer. She enjoys music from many genres and is an avid collector. Some of her favourite artists include Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles, and she is also a fan of classical violin and Spanish guitar.

For 2017, she is considering a change of career through study at a post-graduate level.

Nicole also enjoys scuba diving, although bipolar illness for a number of years has prevented her from pursuing her favourite pastime other than sporadically. Volunteering to blog for IBPF is her first foray into blogging or writing apart from some creative writing done for a personal outlet.

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