We thought we were lost to the fire. 

Leaving behind in the wake of our illness- debris: 

a tangled mess of lost relationships, hope, and dreams. 

Then, we began to talk, 

speaking to each other quietly. 

Although, they had told us not to, 

because “good friends are not to be found in institutions, hospital wards or at day treatment centers”. 

BUT, we broke the rules, 

rebels that we are- 

exchanging  numbers and (GASP!) supporting each other with our words, actions and at times, 

with that forbidden hug. 

We grew strong in our numbers and our will. 

We stopped whispering and began to use our new found voices to say: 

“We are the key to each other’s success!” 

and we emerged from the flames. 

Tested and awakened, 

we took to the air, 

flying together in formation. 

At last, finally free, 

and most importantly, 



          Michelle Hurrell

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