Poem: An Open Letter To The Hurting Souls

To all the hurting souls,

My leaps and twirls; do they travel to you? That enduring energy flowing through the crisp air; do you eat it? When it rains, my dear, I dance in it. I laugh as the rain drops fall upon my nose. Do you feel the rhythm transcend through my dancing feet into the earth and up your body emerging into your soul? My dear, these scars will fade away but never disappear, and but how one can bestow that into an engraftment of the capacity of strength our bodies behold. For you, I will leap and twirl for ever more in hope it travels to your soul, and brings a subtle smile upon your face. Keep fighting, friends, for I will dance for you and laugh at the clouds in hope my energy flies into the air and into your mouths.

Love, kiki


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