Poem: The Warrior

She rubbed her pretty little eyes with cold clenched fists, and collapsed to her knees in angst and defeat on the cold and dust plagued cement. There was dust everywhere, it seemed, in every fraction of the air there was at least 10 million dust particles filling the oxygen with its misty form, there was dust on the floors and in the walls, but most of all it covered him. He stood afar in the room of dim light and cemented walls as she knelt there on the cold cement; she was a woman in shambles pleading for mercy, pleading for an answer, pleading for this madness to end.  He was but like a statue made of stone; every heavy, dusty slab of stone molded by the reflections of her sadness, of her failures, of her dismay. Every last piece of him reflected every darkest moment she had ever endured, He was made up with them, and it was concreted in him like a bone inside a being. He was as a matter of fact her darkness in a physical form.

Kneeling with apprehension in front of the concrete man, with bleeding knees and dust-covered wounds, she pleaded to him for peace, screaming at him for contentedness. But to her dismay, the concrete man spoke no words, and made no movements, he was a statue stuck in this dark, cemented, prison cell of a room. Each yell she screamed projected off of every concrete wall in the room, echoing to one another, It felt like this would never end, like she would always be stuck in this prison cell of a room with her darkness, her depression, her anxiety standing like a statue covered in dust only meters away from her not listening to her pleads for freedom. She was exhausting her voice, she was asking, she was begging, oh dear God, where is the love for life she once felt? Where in the world has it gone? Every scream for answers, every knuckle left busted and bruised, she wondered if she was but only stirring up debris and not being heard at all.

Just as she was about to give up all hope on pleading, begging and punching for answers from this hell that she felt, he turned to her; dust exerting in every movement of his body as he faced her, glanced into her big beautiful brown eyes like he were looking at his own child, and he smiled. She thought to herself how such a monster can have the audacity to smile when he’s holding all of her darkness inside of him, but I guess that is just the thing with monsters, they hide behind smiles and buttercup faces. In that subtle silent moment he spoke, “I am the tightness you feel in your chest, I am the shortness of your breath, I am your pounding heart, I am the weight that holds you down, I am the anchor that stops you from enjoying the waves of life, I am every bad memory that you have had, I am the tear drops down your cheeks, I am your darkness. And oh, darling, you can scream at me and exhaust your voice, you can run at me with clenched fists, but that won’t tear me down. For I am made of concrete memories, I am the accumulation of all your darkest thoughts, of all your teardrops caught in tissues, of all the badness that you feel. I stand tall and brave and riddled with your darkest moments, you cannot demolish me, darling, I run through your blood, I am here and I am strong!”

All of a sudden, she felt empowered by the words that were meant to tear her down by the darkest demon that she knew. She slowly stood up from her knees, wiped away all the dust and dirt, and stood in front of the concrete man with resilience to fight and blood covered knuckles all weary and frail. She glanced down to her hands as she held them ever so delicately in front of her eyes, she gently and calmly placed her hand over her heart and listened to the pound of her heart beat. She began to slowly inhale in, and exhale out, inhale in, and exhale out, as she felt the beat of her heart slowly descend to a steady rhythm. She then looked the concrete of darkness fiercely in his dusty eyes, she thought of every beautiful, light filled, magnificent gift that life presents with. She felt a sudden rush of empowerment, of strength, that was always there in her soul but never uncovered until now. Looking him dead in the eye, she inhaled; suddenly, the windows in the concrete room began to slowly crack open, the sunshine began to flood the room with beautiful light and hope, she paused for a moment as she appreciated the light, and finally, still looking him in the eyes, she exhaled, and the concrete floors began to turn into a picturesque field of grass, the walls of dust suddenly fell down, and to her delight, the concrete man of darkness began to fade, he began to crumble and dissolve into the greenness of the grass.

She looked around; a field of sunflowers glistering in the sunshine surrounded her, trees as big as skyscrapers in every second step transcending down through the earth and sending a flow of energy up into her feet and into her heart and soul. Birds were chirping; they were singing her a song of freedom. She collapsed with a wide smile on her face and lay in the fields. She let nature hold her, like she was its child. She lay there softly giggling at the funny shapes of clouds in the sky. She found victory in her battle! She was strong enough all along, the darkness tried to taint her, but she will always win. She will never be trapped in that concrete prison cell again, for she is a fighter, she is a warrior!

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