My thoughts are wild. Untamed. Running wild like mustangs 


My mind is a minefield. One wrong step and it’s blown 


One day bad. One day good. 


One day fast. One day slow. 


One day guided. One day misunderstood. 


My mind is slow and fast at the same time. Like an anchor being pulled by a race car. 


My mind is like a puzzle. To be placed together. 

Which piece goes where?…To make sense?…To be fair? 

The world isn’t a place to fix a puzzle. 

Puzzles are left undone for a good reason. For reasons that are normally understood. 


My mind is the field I lay in. With my thoughts thrown everywhere. 

One thought bad. One thought good. 

One thought fast. One thought slow. 

But what if I could disable the field? 

Drag the bad thoughts here and the good thoughts there?

The edges of the puzzle connected to hug the rest.

The bombs contained and less likely to detonate.


Less depression. Less mania.

Less dragging. Less longing.


A plus. A simple symbol. A simple sign.

On a highway

To navigate you to the area of safety.

One could be misplaced. No doubt, for a fact. 

Mania. Depression. Dragging. Longing. Bad. Fast. Good. Slow.

But stop.



You stepped on a mine.


Get off it.

Move away.


Feel the heat. 

The forced, rushed air.

The dust of dirt will settle again. 



You’ll get back on track.

Follow the map.

Guide yourself around the mines in your path.

Step on one, you may crack.

But think…positive. 

Every crack on your body makes another path.

A path people follow

A place people go.

To see all the wonders that you have conquered.

What exactly is the sum of an addition sign and a thought?

Positivity. Hope. A clear field to walk. To think. To Ponder. To Dream. To Wonder.

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