Putting First Things First

Information on the internet about bipolar disorder seems to be booming right now – that and everything else. Much of this information is coming from individuals like myself – moms that blog. There’s one problem with this: not only are moms inherently busy, but bipolar moms have the task of finding the inner peace and balance that keeps them literally sane. Add a bipolar blog to the mix, and it might be just one more thing that dangerously disrupts that balance. 

About a month ago I took a break from the blogosphere and I actually didn’t plan on returning. I exported my blog to my hard drive and deleted the accompanying site address. I found that too much blogging was detracting from my ability to “always recover” (the theme of my blog).

Fast forward to today. I have restored my blog to a new address: www.alwaysrecoverygoals.blogspot.com. There are a lot of factors that led me to restore it (some which I detail on my blog). With restoring my blog, the main idea would need to stay in line with one aspect of recovery: simplify. Knowing this, I set out to simplify the content and focus.

My previous blog talked about the five areas of recovery: social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental. While the concept was great, I felt like I was lost in a sea of things to do. Before restoring my blog, I decided to simplify those five areas into five action points (the acronym is TRUST). These simplified points are easier for me to incorporate into my daily life. If you’re interested in knowing more, you can read about this acronym on my blog. 

So far it is helping me breathe a bit – first to have lessened triggers, and second, to know that I have less steps to take in my daily recovery. We wouldn’t want a blog called “Always Recovery” to be the perpetuator of my relapse, now would we?

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