Raising Awareness About Bipolar Disorder Through Blogging

Author: Sam Bowman

If you’re familiar with the struggles of bipolar disorder, you want to raise awareness or help others who share your concerns, and you’re good with words and writing, then creating your own blog may be a way to do just that. The fact is that bipolar disorder affects 46 million people around the world, so there’s no shortage of people that are looking for help. Even if someone doesn’t have bipolar disorder, they may know someone who does or want to help the cause.

Today, we will talk about why it’s essential that we discuss bipolar disorders in 2023. Plus, how you can start a blog to spread the word.

Why Talking About Bipolar Disorder Is Important

Starting a blog about bipolar disorder is a worthwhile ambition because so many people don’t understand the condition or may need help focusing on their own mental health. If left unmanaged, bipolar disorder can cause significant distress for the individual and the people they connect with every day.

Those with bipolar disorder often experience manic episodes that can be traumatic. So much in fact, that one study demonstrates that those with bipolar disorder are two-to-three times more likely to experience premature mortality than the general population. Also, even though doctors are learning more about bipolar every day, the condition is often misdiagnosed, which delays the care that a patient may need.

By starting a blog, one of the topics you can discuss is how people can differentiate between bipolar and other conditions. You can also explain the symptoms of bipolar disorder so everyone has a better understanding going forward. As a blogger, you can make a difference in people’s lives. You can teach them that it’s possible to self-manage and live the best and most fulfilling life possible.

Starting Your Blog

As you are setting up and potentially preparing to monetize your blog, it’s important to choose an appropriate name for your website. You can get creative with the wording of your website name but don’t think so far outside of the box that potential visitors don’t know what your site is about. Once you’ve decided on a name, choose a web platform to host your site. Platforms like WordPress and Squarespace are easy to use. You can choose from pre-made templates to make the building process more manageable.

It’s a good idea to make a list of blogging topics because for your website to succeed, you need to get onto a blogging schedule. Aim to publish new posts 1-2 times per week and see how it goes. Potential blog topics could include:

● The finances associated with bipolar disorder and the cost of treatment;

● Hobbies that can help people to manage bipolar disorder;

● How to tackle work and bipolar disorder;

● Addressing the challenges of bipolar parenting.

Once you have a handful of posts on the site, track your metrics to know if you’re attracting visitors, how many per day, etc.

Your blog about bipolar disorder is likely more about education than making money. However, you still want to ensure that your messages are being seen. Once you have a handful of posts on the site, track your metrics to know if you’re attracting visitors, how many per day, etc. If you

find that your traffic is lower than expected, try to use different keywords or consider writing from a different angle.

Spread The Word

Since you’re passionate about helping people with bipolar disorder and answering their many questions, you should work on spreading the word about your blog. If you’re a counselor or someone who may help people who may deal with bipolar issues as a profession, you may be able to guide them to your website as a helpful reference.

You can continue to spread the message outside your circle by utilizing many cost-effective marketing strategies, like social media. Many of the social media sites you typically use have some advertising component. For instance, there are Facebook Ads, which allow you to create posts and then target them toward people in your core audience. There is a small fee, but it’s the best way to reach a specific group.

Another option is to partner with influencers who may already speak about mental health topics, including bipolar disorder. The influencer could mention your blog on their videos or website and you could bring in a larger audience that way. If you keep plugging away at your blog, then influencers and interested companies may find you and offer to start a partnership, so stick to your writing.

As you can see, it’s possible to start a blog and discuss these critical topics and raise awareness about bipolar disorder. If you’re passionate about spreading hope, blogging may be the way to go.


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