Reporting From The Edge

By: Liz Wilson

Without breadcrumbs to find my way back depression often leaves me lost in the abyss.

Kay Redfield Jamison described holding death as close as dungarees… And I wear you my friend like a battle scar, a gentle reminder of where I’ve been…

And I know that moment that Separates Me from those who have lost the battle is a very very fine one. For death comes in many forms and many fashions but I’ve yet to give in… That is what separates. Someone made a phone call to me, someone touched my hand, someone sent me a card, someone said a word that made all the difference in my day.

The difference is not in me! I want to give in today as much as I wanted to give in yesterday but your unrelenting happiness and positivity are like infection to my mortal wound of depression.

It isn’t what I’ve done that’s different it’s what you’ve done and together we go back and pick up the crumbs and see the path I’ve walked and celebrate overcoming it even if it’s just for one more month one more day or one more year.

Victory is in the small stuff Victory is in waking up victory is only possible with you!

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