The Founders and Peer Counselors, who all have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, would like to welcome you to A Silver Lining. We are devoted to the individuals and their family and friends who have been affected by this illness. We know all too well what this disorder is about. We live it every day.

We have cried with gut wrenching despair when we have been thrown into the darkest woes of depression. We have rejoiced when we have crawled out of the depression dungeon and revelled in hypomania.

We have enjoyed immense energy and accomplished much. We’ve had sleepless nights. We’ve slept days at a time and then felt the pangs of guilt for not being able to “pull ourselves up by the bootstraps.” We’ve relished the moments of our artistic and creative abilities. We’ve been stoic and numb because of depression or from the side-effects of our medications. We’ve made a great many friends through the years and have lost almost as many. We’ve hurt the ones we love the most. Some of us have declared bankruptcy (both monetary and emotional.) And there are some of us who have attempted suicide. Tragically, some have succeeded.

By nature, we’re extremely loving individuals. We love the deepest. We grieve the hardest. We cry the most. We laugh with the greatest enthusiasm. We feel the most acute, intense emotions that only a person with bipolar disorder can experience. We tend to be more impulsive and dramatic, while those around us wish we’d be more pragmatic! We’re extremely loyal to those who love us unconditionally. : )

Most of us have, at one time or another, blamed ourselves for the cause and effect of this illness. Fortunately, now we have come to understand and accept that for our own benefit, we must :

    • Accept the fact that we are not weak, that this is a physical illness, which causes mental problems.
    • Have proper prescription and medical management by our psychiatrist and physicians.
    • Avoid stress at all costs.
    • Get proper rest.
    • Continually educate ourselves about our illness.

When all of these things are implemented, we can manage our daily lives with much more strength. There is hope! Remember this : Every cloud has a silver lining!

Our Motto: We’re not just here to help those who are seeking proper medical treatment, but also for those who have lost their way. We’re here to give you uncondtional love, guidance, strength, and hope.


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