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Asha Bipolar Clinic

That happiness and sadness, two very normal and common emotional experiences, are the core symptoms of a major psychotic illness has always been a fascinating, though disturbing, fact. It has led to a persistent interest, which started about two decades ago, and eventually resulted in the establishment of the Bipolar Clinic at Asha Hospital (ABC), Hyderabad, India.

The Hypotheses being tested at ABC are:

The short term, 90 days, usage ( “Antibiotic Concept”) of Antidepressants in the management of Melancholia.

The concept and usefulness of SIGNATURE RELAPSE in both depression and Mania.

Short term Prophylaxis in Seasonal Mood disorders.

Starting an antidepressant along with mood stabilizer for prophylactic of bipolar clinic (Antidepressant is continued even during the manic phase).

Our team includes trained psychiatrists, junior doctors, psychologists, social workers, and nursing staff who function together as a unit with the ultimate goal of providing maximum benefit to the .

  • Comprehensive care of patients with Disorder (BD)
  • Educational Materials
  • Awareness Programmes
  • Facilitate early diagnosis
  • Minimise Disability and Morbidity
  • Dedicated team of Professionals
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