The mission of Balance NZ is to promote the wellbeing of those affected by mental illness.

We do this by:

•    building and maintaining networks.

•     Providing information, education, support, training, advocacy, research

•    active collaboration with other organisations and initiatives nationally and internationally

Services we provide include:

•    education for people affected by bipolar disorder and depression 

•    helping people develop personalised self-care plans 

•    training peers (tangata whaiora) in mutual support skills with an emphasis on wellbeing 

•    advocating at a national level for more effective services and support for people who are affected by mood disorders and other   forms of mental illness. 

•    Research on bipolar disorder and depression and dissemination of findings.

•    Research on self care and peer support and dissemination of findings.

•    Research that supports the activities of Balance NZ

•    Provision of services that support online communities

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