Douglas Young Wellness Recovery Center

Douglas Young BPSR Center is a Bio-Psychosocial Rehabilitation program of Community Research Foundation that provides integrated, coordinated community-based psychosocial rehabilitation services for adults 18 and older who have serious mental illness, as well as individuals with co-occurring mental health and substance disorders.

Program Description

Douglas Young Wellness Recovery Center’s services are based on the principles of psychosocial rehabilitation, with emphasis on attending to the whole person and re-establishing one’s life as a result of the consequences of mental illness, rather than simply attending to the symptoms of the illness. The services focus on recovery, rehabilitation, and community integration, and are individualized to meet the needs of each client. Clients actively participate in setting service plan goals and are encouraged to involve family and significant others in the recovery plan.


Services include:

Mental Health Evaluations
Medication Management
Case Management
Crisis Intervention
Service Coordination and Linkage
Life Skills Development
Outreach and Education
Limited Group, Individual, and Family Counseling
Integrated Services for Mental Health & Substance Use Problems
Enhanced services for Transitional Aged Youth, 18- 24 years old
Enhanced services for Asian/Pacific Islander adults, 18 and older
Enhanced Services for Older-Adults and Home-Bound Seniors ages 60+

Douglas Young Wellness Recovery Center works with clients, their families, significant others and North Central San Diego region community resources to assist clients to reach their individualized goals which may include:

Reduce or eliminate the effects of mental illness.
Promote wellness, stability, and quality of life.
Prevent or minimize psychiatric episodes resulting in hospitalization.
Assist clients with community integration and self-sufficiency.
Improve functioning in social, volunteer, and employment activities.
Referral Process

Referrals may be initiated by any individual or family member, concerned citizen, or social service provider/professional by calling the program directly.


Douglas Young Wellness Recovery Center is a Medi-Cal provider certified by San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency, Behavioral Health Services Department and California Department of Mental Health.

Hours of Operation

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Thursday: 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Fees and Funding

Douglas Young Wellness Recovry Center is primarily funded through contracts with the San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency, Behavioral Health Services Department. The program accepts Medi-Cal. For individuals with no insurance, fees are based on a sliding scale determined by one’s income. No one is denied services based on inability to pay.


Bus #’s 20, 31, 210, 921 and 964 run through Mira Mesa and connect at the station on the corner of Black Mountain Road and Mira Mesa Boulevard.

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