Equilibrium aims to become the foremost international partnership organisation working to advance the understanding and treatment of bipolar disorder; it also seeks to address the stigma and prejudice that often surrounds bipolar disorder. 

  • People with bipolar disorder.
  • Families and loved ones affected by bipolar disorder.
  • Clinicians and health professionals working with people who have bipolar disorder.
  • Research partners seeking to understand causes and develop treatments.
  • National Bipolar Advocacy Organisations working with self-management and support.

Equilibrium recognises that bipolar disorder is an international problem and that there is a clear need to develop models of health awareness and applicable approaches of treatment for non-westernised and developing nations.  To these ends, we seek:

  • To create a unique collaborative centre and associated network, of patients, families, clinicians, researchers, and others interested in bipolar disorder. The Foundation’s aim is for this network of interested parties to work together to advance the understanding and treatment of bipolar disorder through the sharing of ideas and innovations (in part, through this website)
  • To promote early recognition of bipolar illness through public and professional education
  • To help de-stigmatise bipolar disorder
  • To promote excellence in treatment of bipolar disorder
  • To support and fund research into the causes of bipolar illness, its diagnosis and treatment
  • To prioritise research by liaison between professionals and the people affected by this illness.

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