Our Mission is Connecting Youth to Their Futures

Excelsior is not just a school, we’re also a specialty medical clinic with integrated behavioral health providers, care coordinators, peer support specialists, family response specialists, and a variety of direct support specialists. We offer a host of hospital diversion programs, co-occurring enhanced outpatient and residential services, an on-site fully accredited middle school and high school, nutrition services, therapeutic recreation, and seeking certification for our 30 acre Arboretum with a specialized recreation and therapeutic environment.

We serve a diverse group of youth (age 10-24) with a range of presenting difficulties, which compromise their abilities to live happy, healthy lives. One unifying factor in a majority of their lives is the experience of some form of trauma during critical developmental periods. This experience of being injured may include physical and sexual abuse, prenatal exposure to harmful toxins, witnessing domestic or gang related violence, loss of a loved one, among others. Needless to say, the impact of such trauma is profound and inextricably linked to their current emotional and behavior difficulties. Despite these challenges, we have witnessed a distinct capacity for healing, resilience, and growth, which is attested to in our vision statement and confirmed in our experiences. We believe that everyone has the potential to be safer, stronger, and more satisfied in the lives they lead. To that end, we provide care, respect, and hope as they seek to connect to their futures.

Our Vision

Our vision is to serve a broad base of youth and families with the primary aim of identifying goals and making positive steps towards accomplishing them. In our community we are advocates for youth and hold fast to the belief that children and families have the potential to be safer, stronger, and more satisfied in the lives they lead.

Excelsior Youth Center is located at 3754 W Indian Trail Road Spokane, WA 99208

Phone: (509) 328-7041

Fax: (509) 328-7582

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