Rogers Memorial Hospital builds on its strength in residential treatment with the opening of FOCUS, a treatment center for young adults with depression and other mood disorders. The new center opened in February, 2014.

The transition from adolescence into adulthood can be a challenging time for young adults with mood disorders, as these disorders can derail them at school or work, disrupt their relationships and damage their self-esteem. This may include:

  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Other mood disorders
  • Co-occurring anxiety disorders
  • Co-occurring personality and substance use disorders

Led by Jerry Halverson, MD, FAPA, the main goal of this specialized program is to provide patients with a comprehensive psychiatric assessment and evaluation to clarify their diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment. In addition to intensive psychiatric and medication management, patients will receive a range of evidence-based individual and group therapy. This treatment includes comprehensive cognitive behavioral therapy, supported with behavioral activation and mindfulness skills. Family involvement during treatment helps to ease their transition to, from or back to school or to work.

To make a referral or for a screening request, call 800-767-4411.

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