FUBIPA is a Civil Society Organization (OSC) made up of patients and families, aligned with the “Personal Restoration Movement” that at the international level promotes a philosophy based on the possibility that users themselves learn to manage their disorder, control the Symptoms that destabilize and recognize self-care behaviors. The goal is to rediscover a separate identity of the disease that allows us to build a better life and achieve the well-being of people and their families.

“A person with a mental illness can recover even if the disease is not cured… [Recovery] is a way of living a productive, hopeful and satisfying life despite the limitations imposed by the disease. Recovery has to do with the creation of new meanings and meanings of life at the same time that the person grows beyond the effects of mental illness.”

FUBIPA is a Civil Mutual Aid Organization that complements psychiatric and psychotherapeutic treatments offering, free of charge, the following services:

  • Mutual Aid Groups (GAM) for people with Bipolar Disorder (TB).
  • Mutual Aid Groups (GAM) for family members and friends of people with Bipolar Disorder (TB).
  • Psychoeducation workshops for relatives and friends of people suffering from Bipolar Disorder (TB).
  • We provide information on TB based on the international consensus of experts on the subject (this information is available on our website, its links, our publications, library, video library, our reports telephone and periodical Psychoeducation Workshops).
  • Through our GAM, we provide emotional support and help improve the quality of life of those affected directly or indirectly by this disorder.
  • We favor the best understanding of the disease with which we decrease the rates of relapses and a fuller social reintegration.
  • We contribute to eliminating the social stigma and self-stigma associated with TB problems (stigma is one of the main predictors of relapse).
  • We promote and instruct patients and families on how to deal with illness with effective and productive behaviors, both in times of crisis and recovery.
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