You see, if you are visiting us here, chances are you either are manic-depressive (bipolar), or you are concerned about someone who is, or might be. Either way, you will find a wealth of information on this particular mood disorder: everything from diagnosis, treatment, drugs and their effects, an email support group, and finally, a real-time support group on a MOO (details on each can be found in the following pages). Feel free to come and go here as you wish. 


My name is Suzie (aka Fractal), and I am the webmistress/owner/moderator/ administrator of the FyrenIyce list, website and talker, or MOO as they are called. In other words, I guess I’m head bipolar honcho in these parts . I was diagnosed as Bipolar I when I was 16, but I wasn’t informed of my illness until my mother (then living with me) told me of the diagnosis just before she died of lung cancer–I’d just passed my 42nd birthday.

I’ve been referred to as being cat-like. Friends swear I must have 9 lives like a cat or else I’d have died long ago because of my erratic, dangerous behaviors. My specialty is manic rage, and I thank it for hospital stays, lost friendships, loss jobs, heavy alcohol and drug abuse, suicide attempts and oh my! so many other wonderful experiences! But I survived somehow, and once I knew why I was as I was, I went to a psychiatrist, was started on lithium and paroxetine (Paxil, Aropax), and have done pretty well since then.



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