Our Beliefs

We believe that a person’s ability to have a stable and dignified life depends on their ability to take care of basic needs. Needs such as having and retaining a job, finding and keeping adequate housing, budgeting money to pay for expenses and scheduling timely payment of bills.

A Person’s Needs

A person needs to handle their daily finances by staying within budget and paying bills on time. If not, bills don’t get paid and money runs out before the end of the month. The result is evictions occur, jobs are lost, there’s no money for food, late fees occur and credit gets severely damaged.

Professional Fiduciary

Professional fiduciaries act in a trusted position on a person’s behalf regarding their finances. To enhance that position of fiduciary trust, a person in California providing these services must be licensed by the State. Our professional fiduciary services are provided by our Executive Director, a practicing California attorney licensed to perform professional fiduciary services.

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