Have you found yourself searching for hours to find a solution to your teen’s behavior? Are you now more confused than when you started? There isn’t an easy solution or answer to this circumstances you’ve found yourself in. We’ve worked with thousands of parents who have been in your shoes. Let us walk you through this difficult decision step by step. 

  • Is your teen struggling with ADD or ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, social or emotional issues?
  •  Is your teen struggling academically despite countless hours of you stressing the importance of an education?
  •  Is there drug experimentation or trouble with the law?
  •  Is your teen angry, defiant and manipulative?
  •  Have you spent thousands and thousands of dollars seeing therapists, psychologist and psychiatrists with little or no change in the behaviors?
  •  Do you notice signs of an eating disorder or self-harming behavior?

If you’ve answered yes to one or several of those questions, we understand the emotional, runaway rollercoaster you’ve been riding. The solution you are longing for does exist. Let us help you understand the resources that are available.

We have toured hundreds of facilities around the country and we know the different types of therapeutic models used. We can help you decide what you are looking for by educating you further on what is out there to choose from. We specialize in this area and we can offer up the answers you and your family is searching for during this difficult time.

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