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Malaysian Psychiatric Association

The Malaysian Psychiatric Association has developed this website in response to the growing need of the MPA members to get up-to-date, local and international, specialised, clinical information about psychiatry and psychotherapy from a local platform to facilitate and support them in their work and continued medical education.

The website is also meant as a supporting and reliable source for the patients and their families, and provides useful and practical information and knowledge about mental health and how to manage and deal with the disorders. The website also aims to improve the general public’s understanding and awareness about mental health and disorders and rectify misconceptions.

It is MPA’s hope that people living with a mental disorder and their relatives and friends and other interested users find valuable disease management tools and other useful information to support them in their daily lives.

MPA wishes to update the website regularly and at the same time involve the community in Malaysia and therefore encourage users to contribute and share your stories, news, information and other valuable content for the benefit of the rest of the community. MPA would appreciate your questions, comments and feedback, which you can submit via the website. We will try to attend to your submission as soon as possible.

The Malaysian Psychiatric Association respects your request for privacy and will not publish names of individuals, who have expressed a desire to stay anonymous.

The Malaysian Psychiatric Association hopes that this website is well received by the community and the public alike. It is a welcome opportunity for us all to learn more about mental health and disorders and about people. We are very much looking forward to serve you better.



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