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Male Depression: 

Both men and women can experience depression; however, they may experience it differently. For instance, men may have a more challenging time recognizing their symptoms or discussing their feelings with others. Treatment for depression is available and can help a man suffering from depression to boost his mood over time, and go on to lead a more positive and happy life.

What Is Depression?

Feelings such as sadness, irritability, and occasional fatigue are normal and usually pass after a couple of days. Depression, also known as major depression or clinical depression, entails much more than these fleeting symptoms and is a serious mood disorder that can cause severe symptoms. People who suffer from depression have issues dealing with how they feel, think, and handle regular activities. Symptoms must last for at least two weeks for someone to be diagnosed with depression.1

Both men and women can suffer from depression, but they are likely to deal with it differently. Some men with depression have difficulty expressing their emotions and instead display anger, irritability, or aggression. Women are more likely to express their sadness. Men often feel very tired and show a lack of interest in work, family, and regular activities when experiencing depression. They usually have more difficulty sleeping than their female counterparts and may also have physical issues such as a racing heart, tightness in their chest, chronic headaches, and digestive problems. They are more likely to see a doctor for these physical issues than any emotional symptoms they may be experiencing.1

Men may also turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with their emotional symptoms and are more likely than women to commit suicide. Women are more likely to attempt suicide, but men typically use more lethal methods to attempt suicide.1


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