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Man Therapy

The social norms of masculinity play an important role in the gender differences of suicide. Men have a greater tendency not to recognise or respond to their own negative emotions or distress, partly due to the stigma associated with ‘mental health’, which in turn may result in clinical depression. Through tackling the rate of depression and anxiety in men, and reducing stigma, facilitating a change in men’s behaviour and challenging perceptions of masculinity, beyondblue believes that a reduction in the male suicide rate can be achieved in the medium to long term.

beyondblue encourages all men to take action against depression and anxiety, through:

  • learning and understanding the signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • recognising anxiety and depression are serious health problems that impact on physical health
  • learning about the experiences of others, and challenging your perceptions of anxiety and depression
  • taking action through a range of lifestyle changes and treatment options, earlier rather than later, when you are experiencing signs and symptoms
  • empowering others to learn more and take action

This website is a toolkit, enabling you to learn more, providing you strategies designed to protect your wellbeing and to guide you to professional treatment if/when you require support.

The process of taking action and seeking support is not only courageous, but a responsible course of action, for which you hold the key. Through a collaborative effort of your family, friends, colleagues and health professionals, taking appropriate action to tackle your symptoms of depression and anxiety can result in significant improvements in your health and wellbeing, and therefore your capacity to support your family and social networks, and to perform at your maximum capacity in life.

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