Elementary and Secondary Programs: Day and Boarding
The elementary and secondary education experience marks the beginning of an exciting journey and its success depends upon each child having the opportunity to develop, to the fullest, his or her interests, talents and aspirations. It is our intent that your child be afforded every opportunity to do so through the careful selection of a school.
An initial parent interview allows you to discuss with your counselor the expectations and hopes you have for your child. At this time we obtain a history of the child’s previous experience in school and evaluate school records, testing and other relevant information. This session is usually followed by a meeting between counselor and child. A conference with your family enables us to comprehensively evaluate your child’s academic needs, developmental level and extracurricular interests.
The heart of McClure, Mallory, Baron & Ross counseling is thorough research. We research appropriate school options in terms of your child’s individual needs and discuss with the schools how they might be a good match. We are then able to recommend schools that are viable choices.
At the follow-up meeting we discuss which schools we feel are appropriate for consideration. We remain actively involved in the application process to ensure the greatest attention is given to facilitating your child’s selection of a new school. This pro-active association may include:
  • Providing brochures and other information about specific schools
  • Arranging appointments for visits at boarding schools or alternative programs, as appropriate
  • Forwarding all relevant records and documents to the schools you will be visiting, and sending along our own evaluative comments to schools you may be considering
  • Facilitating testing in our offices when it is requested by you or an educational program
  • Reviewing your impressions upon completion of your school visits
  • Assistance with the school applications, including student and parent statements
  • Monitoring progress for a full year after placement
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