Mental Health Today was created by Patty Fleener M.S.W. who is the owner and operator of the website. Mental Health Today is not a company.

The purpose of Mental Health Today is to help stop the pain caused by mental health disorders. The hope is to provide the latest information about mental health disorders to mental health clinicians as well as consumers and families who are now beginning to demand better treatment.. Communities have been created for emotional support, articles are written to assist in recovery, crisis intervention is provided by recovering mental health consumers, and resources are given.

The mental health care in America is extremely poor at this time.¹ Many people continue to suffer and lives are literally lost due to lack of interest in our society in assisting people with mental health disorders and people continue to be heavily stigmatized. Our world is mis-educated and under-educated about these issues and the concern overall is not there.

Mental Health Today is alive to make a difference in the endless suffering by our mentally ill citizens and believes that this pain could stop with proper education to those that treat this population and educating the public.

This website is built with the highest integrity, compassion for consumers and families, the skills of a mental health professional and experience of a consumer.


Patty E. Fleener M.S.W.


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