mindyourmind is a space for youth and young adults (14-24) to find support when going through tough times. It’s also:

  • A place to get unstuck
  • A place to share, grow and learn, together
  • A place to meet people like you, who are coping with challenges every day
  • A place to get what you need to help yourself and your friends
  • A place for everyone— somewhere we can all belong

mindyourmind is an award-winning, non-profit mental health program that engages youth, emerging adults and the professionals who serve them to co-develop reliable and relevant resources.

These resources are designed to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and increase access and use of community support, both professional and peer-based.

Through the use of active engagement, best practice and technology,mindyourmind inspires youth to reach out, get help and give help.

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