The purpose of the Local Collaboratives is to develop strong local voices to guide behavioral health planning and services, a key consideration in the planning and design of New Mexico’s Interagency Behavioral Health Purchasing Collaborative initiative. Local Collaboratives are vital to the development of the plan and to the collection and reporting of specific data and health indicators. Public input is required and essential. Additionally, each Local Collaborative must look at prevention, early intervention and health promotion, wellness, education and personal health responsibility, as well as workforce initiatives, facility infrastructure, and licensing and credentialing.

The Collaborative works to ensure that the interagency effort is reflected in well-developed local-level collaborative efforts throughout the state. To ensure that this happens, the Collaborative currently supports a single local collaborative for each of New Mexico’s 13 judicial districts, as well as 5 Local Collaboratives that represent the state’s sovereign Tribes, Nations, Pueblos and off-reservation populations. Each Local Collaborative is made up of consumers, family members, advocates and providers.

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