Today, it is generally recognized that transitioning to young adulthood is a more daunting challenge than it has ever been, before. Thousands of magazine, newspaper and blog articles cite a plethora of reasons why this is occurring: The economy, the rising demand for education, competition, conflicting parental skills, the pressure to succeed and much more.

It is even more complicated for those who have the additional stress of trying to cope with a special condition: Anxiety, Depression and Learning Disabilities, for instance, or Asperger’s Syndrome, Bipolar Disorder, OCD or what is commonly called “Failure to Launch” to name just a few.

JCAHO-Accredited Optimum Performance Institute was one of the first transitional therapeutic programs for young adults to recognize and respond to this trend nearly a decade ago. Since then, we have grown to one of the foremost therapeutic programs in the world helping men and women ages 17-28 from throughout the world transition into the real world while learning to cope with what has been holding them back in the past.

At OPI, young adults benefit from our highly individualized support whether they are transitioning here from home or another program, having difficulty completing high school, college or finding a career path.  We help them commit to finding a sense of balance in their lives and their place as responsible members of society.

OPI Living: We Treat the WHOLE PERSON not just the diagnosis.

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