Day care centers offer professional counseling and various forms of professional work, which develop and enhance the individuality of persons included resolve their personal distress and help them integrate into active life. Day care centers also serve various forms of leisure activities, social life and group activities . Persons included are various creative workshops ( art – painting on glass , canvas , silk , etc. . ; Ceramic – creating a variety of pottery ; aranžerska – Make packaging arrangements, greeting cards , etc. . ) , Educational and extracurricular activities ( literary, musical and culinary workshop , foreign language courses , etc. . ) , and various social events .

Day care centers allow the continuation of the rehabilitation process in a relaxed environment . Involved parties to help overcome many state of crisis , thus preserving and enhancing their health and enables faster and better recovery.

OZARA Slovenia , the national association for quality of life , was formed in 1994, primarily from the need for organized outpatient activities for people with mental health problems .

Operation of the society was initially focused primarily on location in Steiermark , and today comprises more than twenty units and tours ( in Maribor , Murska Sobota , Ljutomeru , Lendava Gallery of Contemporary Art Ljubljana , Kranj , Novo mesto , Izola , Koper , Celje , Bre?ice , Nova Gorica , ?rnomlju , Sevnici , Krško , Bohinj, Tolmin, Trebnjem , Ptuj , the levels of Carinthia , Bovec, Jesenice ) , scattered throughout the territory of Slovenia.

With the expansion to new locations have also expanded programs and services for the society, which involved users facilitate the transition from institutions to the home environment and contribute to their greater independence and the quality of life in the community.

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