Our Mission:

Practical Recovery strives to provide exemplary addiction treatment and recovery services in a compassionate environment and to facilitate positive, measurable changes in the lives of the individuals and families we serve. We are committed to offering completely personalized, state-of-the-art care and quality client service. We strive to maintain a work environment in which each staff member can increase his or her abilities at work and as a person. We serve other professionals and the broader community through education about addiction, substance use disorders, treatment and recovery, and support of recovery activities.

Non 12 Step Treatment.

Alcohol, drugs, gambling, something else? Do you want to stop over-doing it, and build a better life? Do you want to change in exactly the way that works for you?

Practical Recovery Offers:

  1. truly non-12-step addiction treatment (with the option of 12-step elements if you want them)
  2. complete collaboration around treatment goals and methods (in collaboration with loved ones if they are involved)
  3. complete flexibility of scheduling at all levels of care (48 hour notice of cancellation required)

Especially if you have been to addiction treatment before, you may need to call us to realize how personalized your services can be. Others promise personalized care. Practical Recovery actually provides it. Many individuals unfortunately spend more time buying an appliance than they do investigating treatment. When you discover what actually happens in most US addiction treatment facilities, you will realize that Practical Recovery is a level or two above almost all of them.

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