Pro Mente Austria is the umbrella organization of 26 non-profit organizations that care in Austria for the needs of people with psycho-social disorders.

We represent the common goals of our members both in Austria and abroad and provide a platform for the uncomplicated exchange of information. To the outside, we are available as a contact for all stakeholders in the area of mental and social health.

Our goal is to improve the position of people with psychological or psycho-social problems in the society and assist their social environment. We also support other organizations. A particular aim is to respect human rights and, in particular, the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the European Mental Health Pact. Therefore, we promote and promote the inclusion and participation of all people in an impartial and supra-confessional manner and welcome their diversity.

Our aim is to create public awareness on the issues of mental health, social well-being and prevention. In addition, we are committed to the quality of services offered in Austria, research and teaching as well as to innovation-friendly working conditions.

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