When you’re both depressed and crazy, life has a way of becoming hilarious. In his new book, highly regarded mental health author and advocate John McManamy displays his wickedly dark and equally exuberant funny side. RACCOONS RESPECT MY PISS BUT WATCH OUT FOR SKUNKS recounts the author’s comically absurd misadventures in dealing with life on a planet seemingly built for other people. Childhood, relationships, nature’s furry psychopaths, falling in love, neurons, God, UFOs, Hannibal’s elephants – it’s all there. Each chapter tells a story, the stories bind into a narrative. The narrative builds into profound realizations. And you are laughing all the way. John McManamy’s deep humanity and ability to connect to others is unmistakable. RACCOONS is a timeless story, one to which we can all relate, of one individual’s long and painful and ultimately heartening journey to find home. Whether contending with mental illness or contending with normal, RACCOONS validates your worth as a human being, a band of light, a soul with neurons. Let the healing begin.

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