Sam’s cause was started in 2005 by Sam Sheffres

To raise money for charities that help youth with mental illness. I was 12 and just starting 6th grade
and had recently been given a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder. My parents had come back from an event to raise money for the JBRF (Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation), and I asked them to tell me about it.

And Sam’s Cause Was Born.

About Sam:

I am a 19 year old software engineer with over 6 years of work experience, who also has bipolar disorder. My first job was with Qualcomm at the age of 13, where I developed an internal datacenter monitoring app in perl. Since then, I’ve worked with and gotten to know some of the brightest minds and best people the world has to offer. For the curious, my LinkedIn is here and for the technical, myGitHub.

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