Phone: (619) 234-2158
Areas of Expertise: Support Groups | Treatments
Address: 2630 First Ave,
San Diego,

San Diego American Indian Health Center

The Behavioral Health Department provides confidential outpatient therapy for individuals, couples, families and groups. Our Behavioral Health Department is dedicated to culturally competent therapy. The department has integrated western psychotherapies with traditional Native American healing practices. The clinicians in Behavioral Health represent a diversity of clinical disciplines, comprised of a Psychologist, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, and a Marriage and Family Therapy Intern and a Substance Abuse Coordinator.

Common issues people seek counseling for include: personal and emotional issues, alcohol and drug problems, family and relationship issues, school and work problems. Traditional Healers are also available, if a client requests this support.

Behavioral Health services are provided at NO COST to verified American Indians. Non-Indians are also welcome to receive Behavioral Health services. No cost programs are available to eligible persons who are uninsured. Medi-Cal patients are welcome.

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