Theravive a safe place to find a great counselor or psychologist. If you or someone you love could use the benefits of professional and caring therapy from a skilled professional, we are here to help you quickly locate the one best for you. Searching is easy, and reaching out to make contact is just as simple. We have thousands of therapists ready to help, trained and specialized in every mental health issue. All you have to do is make the first step and simply contact one. Counseling for many people is one of the greatest choices they have made in tending to their emotional and mental well being.

First conceived of in June 2006 and launched later that same year, we are a network of independent counselors and clinics throughout North America who provide compassionate and competent therapy to people everywhere. We have proudly connected more than a half million people to caring and experienced therapists. The name “Theravive” is taken from Therapy and Revive. Therapists with us work with clients to resolve issues so that they can move forward with their lives and not be dependent on counseling for years to come. Clients are encouraged in a safe environment to discover how the presenting issues affect life, learn the important changes needed to be made, and with tools provided by the counselor, begin a new journey towards a brighter future; a more fulfilling life of purpose, meaning, and greater joy.

“Get Beyond” simply means that your ability to move through it is already within you. The process of therapy is to help you discover that strength, and apply it successfully. All therapists on Theravive operate independently, and have come to Theravive in agreement with our values. Our hope is that by you knowing the values of your therapist upfront, your chance of a successful and empowering process of therapy is greatly enhanced. You can learn more about this on with an explanation of our values.

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