‘To be the world’s leading forum and voice of people affected by mental illnesses (psychosocial disability), to promote their rights and interests.’


‘A world in which people affected by mental illnesses are not only treated with honour and dignity, but realize their potential.’


‘To enable people affected by mental illnesses (psychosocial disabilities) live and work successfully in their communities.’


  1. Advocate for the advancement of human rights for persons with mental health conditions through various lobbying and advocacy initiatives targeting the government, medical fraternity, insurance companies and other service providers.
  2. Provision of national and regional representation and consultation to influence matters that affect persons with mental health conditions.
  3. Encourage the development of local users/survivor groups at grass root and national levels.
  4. To fight ignorance, societal stigma and discrimination directed towards persons with mental health problems in Kenya (facilitate effective information exchange).
  5. Develop network opportunities for individuals and groups of individuals and groups of users and survivors of psychiatry in Kenya and beyond.
  6. Provide advice on prevention and treatment of mental illnesses to equip people affected by mental illnesses to demand for the right treatment.


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