WORKLIFE STRATEGIES enables people to succeed by strategically managing the human side of work.

Every person and business faces unique conditions and challenges as they try to succeed at work. That is why every WORKLIFE STRATEGIES consultation begins with focused  data gathering so intervention plans can be fully customized and correct. 

So whether you want to optimize your Career, your Team or your Business, you can count on WORKLIFE STRATEGIES to support your successful thinking, planning and action.

Educated as a behavioral scientist, Baird has worked as a researcher, health professional, leader and consultant. He has been a lecturer at the Harvard Medical School and an instructor and board member at Harvard University’s office of executive education. 

Baird is principal of WORKLIFE STRATEGIES where he provides both web-based and on-site services to his clients in the U.S. and around the world. He consults on talent leadership, career management, team optimization and talent assessment.

Baird Brightman works with clientsaround the country. He is available via teleconference for those outside of Ventura, California.


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