Ros Limbo

My name is Ros Limbo. I’m a writer, blogger, vegetarian and yogi. I wish to get accepted into Cambridge University’s Masters of Creative Writing programme in 2017. 

I was always a sensitive child. I took everything a little too personally, and cried more than was necessary. Looking back I can see there were many red flags, no one seemed to notice them. It was only after sleeping through most of my third year in university and a few suicidal actions did I look for help. I was diagnosed with severe depression in 2013.

This diagnosis was recently changed to Bipolar II Disorder. I’m still in the adjusting phase. I am fortunate to have family and friends that make me feel loved even on my down days. And I suppose that is why I love writing: to give hope to others and to remind them they are not alone.

I hope to one day have an organisation that gives talks in high schools and universities regarding reducing stigma surrounding mental illnesses. I wish to create an environment where more people have access to medication and alternative treatment regardless of their financial standing.

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