Self Love & Lived Experience

Author: Grace Scarpello

Oh, what I’d say to 24-year-old Grace now. I’d tell her that her body is perfectly fine and wonderful as it is. I’d tell her that movement makes her brain and heart feel better. I’d say that she doesn’t have to work three jobs to “make up” for her time spent away from college. You needed that time, I’m glad you took it. I’d say that healing isn’t linear, it takes time and patience. I’d tell her that she’ll be able to sleep without all the lights on one day, again, patience. I’d tell her she’s going to love Scranton again, and it’s okay to not put people or places on pedestals, no one and no institution is perfect. I’d tell her that she’s going to move to Boston for a cup of coffee, then she will move back to the Philadelphia area. I’d tell her she is beautiful. I’d tell her she is whole. I’d tell her she doesn’t need another person to make up for the parts of herself she doesn’t like. I’d tell her that her soul is the most important part about her. I’d tell her that her creativity is awesome. And I’d tell her she’s going to be a teacher one day. One day, one day. It all comes together as long as you stay. You’re loved. You have so much to look ahead to. You have so much more loving to happen. So much more things to cook and enjoy, so many more weddings to attend and many, many more vacations to be had. You are important. You deserve to be here. You deserve love. You deserve to take up space. You deserve all the good things. Stick around.

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